I have been reconstructing the Wander master. Most basic: I split the file up into three frequencies: 0-200hz, 200-2,000hz, 2,000hz and up. The middle and upper frequencies have been split into a left and a right part. The middle is slightly off center, the higher again somewhat more. I have done this with the js/stereowidth vst that’s natively present inside Reaper. The result is that I have more control over the track and that it all sounds a bit deeper and wider. The middle also has some reverberation, just enough to make it somewhat smoother (something that was requested).

There are two sections that I have given more attention. I have sent Freek and Frans the files for their scrutiny. You can taste them here (while they last šŸ™‚ ):

section 1

section 2

They are rather big, so be careful.