I did some serious tests with the crackle box today. I am slowly finding my way with the instrument. My difficult is to produce a steady tone. Most times the tone goes up (slowly or in a flash), I think because there is some kind of capacitator filling up electrons. But you can release the electrons by setting your fingers at different positions on the pads. Another technique is using a spike on the right hand side and the fingers on the left hand side. This enables me to produce much more subtle sounds.

I have recorded the crackle box with a MXL mic and did a second round with the MXL assisted by the binaurals. Let’s see where that gets me. If I were to follow Michel Waisvisz’s exact instructions I would not even be allowed to record this. Michel seems to have been a good Mensch (I didn’t know him personally) but he was a bit too rabiate about performance art. The fact that the crackle box, even the new editions, have no line out plug is because you are not supposed to record it. Only perform with it. Right… So actually there should not be electric guitars either, I guess? Talking Heads wrote a nice song about this, come to think of it. Lemme see where the lyrics are…. ah here:

An electric guitar is brought in to a court of law
The judge and the jury (twelve members of the jury)
All listening to records
This is a crime against the state
This is the verdict they reach:

Never listen to electric guitar

Isn’t that weird?