Today I had a conversation with a bot. Meet Elbot. L Bot? It appears that this program was awarded the most human bot currently alive. And I must say, once you get in touch with it he’s a fun guy to hang around with. At first you try to trick the thing into something it doesn’t understand, but the bucket of wisecrack excuses is so big that you eventually grow tired and start asking real questions. Then the conversation becomes philosophical and it still remains entertaining. It’s actually even more fun than some of Boulez’s conversations. Check it out [ here ].

This is what happened right at the beginning.
Elbot: Don’t touch my red button.

Jos touches the red button

Elbot: There’s so much traffic with music going around here. I wonder what that is?

Jos: I am listening to a video clip at (I really was actually)

Elbot: You what?

Jos: I am watching a video

Elbot: I’ve heard that watching can be fun for you humans. Is that so?


Elbot: Should robots get into visual perception, as well?

Jos: Yes, with laser eyes

Elbot: This is a cleverly disguised marketing question to find out where you heard about me. It goes: ‘Where did you hear about me?