As I mentioned in my message of May 3 there was a new THU20 album on the way. It’s a mix of a live session we did in October 2007. There are two tracks on vinyl, 17 minutes each. That’s actually rather short, but guarantees maximum dynamics.

All of the members discussed the liner notes. And when we finally agreed, somehow the text about where the concert was actually given, had disappeared. How stupid!! Oh, well: here it is again. The concert was given in my hometown Tilburg at the Paradox venue. Some 30 visitors listened to 2 sets of approximately 22 minutes. Each of us recorded their own part on minidisk or harddisk. And there was one tape recording made by the engineer. Unfortunately the Revox he used recorded with heavy compression so a lot of mixing was required to get it into a good listening experience. We think we succeeded in this. The first mixes have been done by myself and dj DMDN early this year. Final mastering was done in cooperation with Roel Meelkop at EARLabs.

It’s for sale, of course. You can (strike that: you SHOULD) buy it directly from Korm Plastics.

Noise magician Jliat commented as follows: Practicing priests . for once information is to hand – (A rare live work from THU20- Jos Smolders and Roel Meelkop (computer) Peter Duimelinks and Frans de Waard, acoustic objects and the analogue electronics of Jacques van Bussel.) and if not then this multilayered work might suggest some studio piece – which would account for its un-noise structuring of abstract “shapes” of sound, more sound collage, sectioned to short to evolve into something which once called itself industrial, with almost nostalgic references to the Abstract of the previous century, charming rather than American brashness or lost in translation Japanese renderings, I’m reminded of that strange and interesting Abstract Expressionist movement in Northern Europe of Wols et al. – an intellectualism which was overwhelmed by first the size and then the brash confrontationality of US Nimitz sized and culture art. Which was a pity, no longer the intellectuals smoke in street cafes Gauloises, but if at all Malbro lites, indicative of the refusal to live and denial of the truth, SMOKING KILLS, and here in Tilburg some smoking clearly takes place, a careful and thought out improvisation that is just like the eddy of Gauloises smoke and thickened with the taste of real, not instant coffee and real not instant improvisations of sound – not noise then- something that might speak from the past and say here is something to talk about. (jliat)