Have been working on and off on new stuff, lately. But not on a regular basis. Slowly I am getting back into the musical domain. Written a few reviews as well (on Zebra’s Black and White album and Oval’s release through Entr’acte). I have been going through my collection of vst’s. I really need to sort them out and be more critical about what I use. There are so many of them and some are quite good whereas others are really crappy doodlings. So, perhaps it’s good to tell you about my most favorite ones.

The one I have been playing with lately is the Korg MS20 vst, the software version of the real thing. The MS20 and MS10 are actually my most favourites of all time. They are quite easy to master and still offer a lot of potential to come with nice sounds. I also get confused when there are more than two oscillators at work. Yes, probably I will get a very rich and complex tone but how do I get a grip on it? This one offers me the best results.

Another very interesting vst, but on a very different area is the reaxcomp compressor that comes with Reaper. Man, this compressor really allows you to get a hold on the dynamics of a sound/track. It is a multiband compressor and basically you can define as many bands as you want. So if you want to control 2000 to 2250 kHz you can do that. In the final stages of music production I am quite often tweaking the sound with this vst.