I have a semi semi appointment with Sascha (Neudeck) and Christopher (McFall) to start a new online collaboration. In October. But as yet nothing has materialized. Except for a tentative mail to see if the guys are up to it. The problem is I want us to use Reaper, all three. In 2007 we did a collaboration already (which will be published by Entr’acte soon) and Chris and I used Audition but Sascha has a mac and used another program. Chris and I were able to exchange Audition sessions which is quite handy because then you can see exactly what the other compadre has been doing in Audition. Sascha however had to make mixes of every track he used and send those over. That way the receiver was confronted with a fixed situation. So a new project where we all use Reaper as a composition and production tool would be excellent.

Oh, and the new release (with the results of the previous coop) will be called Helix and the group name will be EARLabs3. Or something similar :)/