Today I have started moving my stuff to the new studio room. Here are the first pictures.

This top picture shows the keyboard, Behringer BCR2000 midi controller and the screen with a Reaper session open. I have place the BCR against a laptop stand so that I have a better view on the settings of the rotators.

The screen I have placed on a wallboard, accompanied by left and right loudspeakers.

This picture shows a more general view: the Spirit Absolute 2 monitors left and right of the screen.

To the left on the desk is my old buddy the Korg MS10 which has served me for 24 years now. In front of the MS10 is a more modern Yamaha CBX-K1XG keyboard which I use for entering midi data. On the far right corner of the desk you might discern the Audiofire box sitting quietly doing its excellent job.

The computer case is in the other room, so that I won’t be bothered by the (little) noise it produces.

I’m not finished of course. More cables on the wall, my records and my recordplayer nearby. And I intend to design some kind of a microphone lab setup with which I can quickly record live sounds.