Part 2 then. Tietchens material revisited. When I had almost finished the music, I decided that I wanted to experiment with video. I bought a very cheap webcam, I took pictures with a pda (700 kb pixels, so not even 1 mb) and I started to experiment with VVVV software. VVVV is a video specialized counterpart of MAX. Naturally, as with all experimentation this was a struggle. I didn’t have a fast enough videocard in my pc to do all the things I could and wanted to make with VVVV. But in the end I got what I wanted and went on to the next stage: Adobe Premiere. So I mastered that software as well. That was great fun, by the way. I really liked it. Syncing the sound with the video required a new mix of the audio. That being finished I authored all of the material onto DVD.

Pfeww, yes I did learn a lot in those days. But I also learned that I am very bad at ‘selling’ my stuff. I wrote to a few labels but they refused to release this as a DVD. Business is bad, of course. And releasing a DVD, well, it’s just too risky.

This weekend there are four downloads available:


Next week the rest (of the story).