A week ago I wrote about how I couldn’t get my midi controller connected to Reaper. Well, with persistence and a lot of help from fellow Reaperites on the [ Reaper forum ] I got it working. And so far it’s working really fine too! I now have control over 24 tracks with real manual handling. No mouse clicking or drawing envelopes but clicking multiple buttons at the same time and turning knobs by hand.

It feels better, it works definitely faster. If you want to know more about how I did it, just check out the forum. If you use Reaper yourself, check this out as well because all of the people there are really wanting to help you out. Even if you don’t succeed immediately they keep on coming up with suggestions and tips.

By the way, Reaper has default mappings to other controllers, like Mackie Control Unit and MCE. Also the fader version of the Behringer controllers are included. So they should be connected in a flash.