Because my production has come to a stand still (for the moment) I have decided to offer some unpublished stuff for download. There is a project that I have been working on from 2001 to 2003. It has never been released. I offered it to Die Stadt but they turned it down (after leaving me hanging for 2 years, thanks very much). Does anyone remember Asmus Tietchens’ “Von Mund Zu Mund”? Three 7 inch singles with vocalities. Heavily distorted stuff. I liked it immediately and decided to ‘do something’ with that material. I reworked all of the music into an opera. I invented characters for the voice treatments and so made up a plot and went ahead. All fine and dandy but the story never really materialized. And so the end result was a suite of electronic arias.

For download there is :
sequence 1a
sequence 1b

There are six other parts in the series. Next week there will be more.