In between all the stuff and preparing the layout of my new studio I have been diving into the issue of a midi controller again… again? again! You see, I have bought myself a Behringer BCR2000 controller last year because I thought it might be good to control the software with a more ‘live’ feeling. With this controller I can use a software Korg MS20 and assign all the software buttons to real rotators.

The thing is that Reaper is not able to return midi signals to the BCR2000. Which is very unfortunate. Why? Well, let’s say I have a volume setting at -3dB. If all is working correct I can use a rotator on the BCR2000 to make a change (like setting the volume at -1dB). Now I close the application (saving everything of course) and I shut the BCR2000 down. Next day I return to my desk and I switch the BCR on, open Reaper and the session that I have been working on yesterday. If the midi feedback works correctly then the assigned controller knob will put itself in the -1dB position. Well, it doesn’t. What’s the problem, you say? Well, the problem is that the moment I touch the knob and it happened to be in the -40dB position then Reaper will immediately turn the volume down to -40dB. Which is bloody irritating if you have 20 tracks and pans and solo butons that have to be reset manually, every time you (re)start a session. So, I’m not so happy with Reaper at the moment. I expect them to fix this, but it’s something that has been bothering other users for quite a while now.