Things are so cramped lately, with work and the house that music-wise I have been very UNproductive. At some moments I open files and listen to them. I need to ‘get in touch’ with them again after not hearing for a while. I then adjust a few volume levels, try a little of different pannings and that’s it. Just refining. I think I am nearing the end of the piano pieces but I’ve thought that before. It’s a constant process of cutting away, changing perspective. Earlier versions I have demo-ed to friends. They didn’t like it. Well, at least they didn’t like the fact that I used actual piano sounds that sounded like a piano. And the fact that I play it like the way a piano is supposed to be played (you know, hammering at the keys, playing notes)

We have had problems with moisture under the floor – at least we thought it was but in the end it seems not to be too dramatic. The moisture was not under the planking but between the wooden planks and the (novilon) cover. But when you see it on removing the Novilon you start thinking: “my god, how bad will it be beneath that?”. I drilled a whole through, big enough to allow me to pu my hand through with a camera. I took pictures and there was no moisture there. Pfeewww!