Back home again. First working through the pile of e-mails, repairing something at the site. Looking back at these 2 weeks I am not fully satisfied about them. I missed a few important files (VST’s) and a cable with which I should have been able to connect the mobile recorder (R-09) to the laptop…. GRRR

I have done more tests with REAPER, and got it better under control. I have been using it for a year now and still learn things. However, one of the best things about it is its flexibility. Every one of us has his own workflow. The way you record things, organize your files, edit tracks, etcetera. Reaper enables the user to define shortcuts, so that in stead of 8 actions you only have to click one key combination and it’s all done for ya. Isn’t that great? And they have lately improved their dithering technology so that changing sample rate from 32bits to 16bits (for a cd master) is more accurate!

Now, what’s in store for the coming months? One of the major projects in my life will not be music related, at least not directly. We have enlarged our house and I need to do some hammering and sawing. One of the music related results will be a larger music studio, with enough space for controllers, synths, keyboards and a permanent microphone set up. I have promised my wife that this carpentry will have higher priority than music, so the real production will be slow. I hope to finish in a few months, at the latest by Christmas.