This weekend I had the strange impulse to start an online store with my own recordings. I have remastered some of the old stuff, there are still a few originals lying around and there is this compilation of material that I have contributed to other compilations, which might be interesting. It’s all material that is no longer available through other sources, except as a second hand.

So, I have opened my little store and you can go there and order. Most of the stuff is printed on cd-r and comes with a special cover, handmade and signed and numbered by me. The cd-r’s are printed at low speed and checked. They cost 10 euro’s including handling and shipping.

The store will be more professional when sales have started. Now you have to order each item separately which might be a nuisance, especially when you want to order multiple items. Just start ordering one, and I will jump to the possibility of including a cart before you know it. And next time you order something you can do the whole catalogue in one go :).

EDIT: I have decided to stop this initiative. It takes too much of my time designing covers, and such. Sorry, people.