Yesterday’s thoughts have turned everything upside down. I first thought I could work serially. Just start with the beginning of the text and then work my work down to the end, but it’s gonna happen.

Today I started a new construction with small parts of the text, recited by every contributor and that inspired me to a completely new setup. The downside of that is that I have to dive deeper into REAPER and start with blocks, where each block is like a piece of Lego. Hmmm… we’ll work that out.

EDIT one day later: worked it out. I will do renders of the several parts in the composition. Those renders I import into Audition so I can listen to the structure and shuffle with the various parts. If I then hear that a part needs some rework I return to REAPER and work that out. The final mix I will do in Reaper (of course). But for the time being, we’re not there yet.

The change in workflow yielded immediate result, by the way. The part that I started with was something that itched. When listening to all of the parts I decided to cut the original intro away and insert another part that was originally a break from the vocoder piece. Much better.