I have been working on the vocoder material. Problem I see is that this vocoder part is like a train on a track, or a stream. It can only go forward. That’s not what i want. I want it to be like different ‘rooms’. So I broke up the vocoder stream.

BANG! And silence…..

And tranquility, space for other things. What I placed inside that space are cut up parts of the opening sentence: “THIS – IS – HOW – IT – SHOULD – HAVE – BEEN”. I grouped these words and the artists, with silence inbetween. Okay, so now things are back to spatiality. I can build up from that.

Next, I have rendered the three major parts that I now have built: Henning/Jos, Henning2, Chris. They need to become one construction, so it’s good to step back and listen to the result so far.