Yesterday I received the recordings of Christopher. He provided a whispered version of the text. He doesn’t articulate the words very precisely, so that it sounds as if he was in a hurry while recording. Actually that was okay with me. I just needed to put in some breaks. Today I finished a first sketch of what is to become the final part of the poem.

First stage
I placed the final 30 lines of the text in a track. I used reverb (Kjaerhus) to add some depth to the original track. I doubled it with a second track which I vocoded with a synth track (the origins of which I will not disclose here). I used reavocode to do this, a Reaper plugin. The combined tracks with the vocoder I then moved around in space using the Wavearts panorama plugin.

Second stage
Now was the time to cut up the original sequence in order to make way for a couple of 3rd party sounds. I recorded the final lines as well and used Henning’s voice for a couple of words. Both mine and Henning’s recordings were treated with GRM’s frequencyshifter.

Third stage
Bringing everything to the right volume level. Pheew! That was a difficult one. The whole idea of the complete work is to present different voices within one unified acoustic space. The vocoder however, plus the hasty recital, presents a different ‘image’. It becomes a ‘stream’. It’s more like a long hallway instead of a (large) room. So I had to break off the stream at certain points and intersect it with other voices.
Another issue was the volume and acoustical balance between the tracks, especially with the vocoder. And then get the 3rd party voices level with that. Well, I sort of figured it out. For now.

It’s still a bit shaky. I think that I’m nearly there but it certainly needs some time to mature and then rearrange. So, we’ll get back to this one. Fo sho!