I have started working with the voice of Henning Lundkvist for my piano and poet project. Henning’s Swedish translation of the text is recited in a constant drone which is quite suitable for my new investigation: space. I am using wavearts plugins to move the voice in space around the listener. This subject of moving sound source is something which has interested me ever since I listened to Roger Reynolds’s Voicespace (Lovely Music, please try to get hold of the 2lp because the cd lacks one of the finer compositions. Unbelievable that they just cut that one off).

I am trying to employ the same technique as Reynolds. Obviously the end result will be something different. I am much too hard headed to just follow an example. The other exercise is the use of granulation on phonemes. I have used this technique on a poem written and read by Dutch poet Lucebert.

Henning Lundkvist is a composer who works with big issues, both visual and auditive. He also spends his time in Malmö at the teatr Weimar. Read more about and by Henning.