In 2007 I finished a project that had been going on with Christopher McFall and Sascha Neudeck. After a few trials it appeared that the fabulous London-based label Entr’acte was prepared to release the material. But, as with so many projects, it took quite some time before it was ‘our’ turn to take a place in the catalogue and hit the streets. Well, people, it’s about to happen.


I finished the postproduction some time in the first quarter of 2007 (I believe) and since then I have learned quite a lot about postproduction. Thanks to my getting acquainted with that fantastic piece of software Reaper, which I can recommend to any one working seriously on sound production. Get Reaper here. Listening back to the end product of 2007 I was a bit worried. Hmmm, is this really the best I can do? No. So, after some pondering I have decided to polish the stuff once more before sending the definite master to Entr’actes office.

And that’s what I have been doing the past few days. Listening again and again, compressing some parts and looking after a few phase issues. Thanks to the multiband compressor of Reaper the sound sparkles more than ever. And Flux‘s ‘stereotool’ helped a lot with addressing the phase problems that I found.

I yet have to listen to the end result. I have to dither the mix back from 32bits to 16bits files and that somehow changes the sound a little. I don’t really know how and why but it ‘feels’ different.
Master will ship to England this weekend. Fo sho.