April 30 Roel Meelkop and I have mastered the new THU20 release that is due later this year by Korm Plastics. It will be a mix of a live session we did in October 2007. There are two tracks on vinyl, 17 minutes each. That’s actually rather short, but should garantee maximum dynamics. The concert was given in my hometown Tilburg at the Paradox. Some 30 visitors listened to 2 sets of approximately 22 minutes. Each of us recorded their own part on minidisk or harddisk. And there was one tape recording made by the engineer. Unfortunately the Revox he used recorded with heavy compression so a lot of mixing was required to get it into a good listening experience. We think we succeeded in this. The first mixes have been done by myself and dj DMDN early this year.

Snapshot 1
Snapshot 2

It’s all quite noisy, which is not very surprisingly considering the fact that five musicians were on stage. THU20 were, that night: Peter Duimelinks, Roel Meelkop, Frans de Waard, Sjak van Bussel, Jos Smolders. Our fee: 80 euro’s each. We had a good time (as usual).