Sorry people! It’s been too long since I posted anything. I have been recording in South Morocco for 10 days. Flew away right after my lecture of the 10th of April. The lecture was okay. I forgot time, as usual. But the audience was patient and (I think) interested in hearing about my music. I told them about my drives for composing and about the way I compose my works. Showed them the tools that I used and led them through the process.

Morocco was much better than I had expected. I have recorded 4 gigabyte of 24bit stereo files. Still have to sort them. One recording I listened back was the one that I made in the Sahara desert. It is absolute silent!! Very strange!! I have recorded ‘silence’ in several places, but here it was total. I guess that’s because of the total absence of reflection (no trees, no walls, nothing). I don’t know when the recordings will start perspiring in my works. I guess that will take another year or so. I’m determined to finish my poetry project first.