Sometimes I receive a request to master, remaster, remix or just mix a work that was made by someone else. I must say that I often times enjoy doing that. Polishing up, adding spice, sometimes making new arrangements, is really good fun to me.

So, suppose you would be interested in letting me have a go. Or, you’re in a snag and don’t know how to finish or to just proceed with the stuff that you’re working on. And you think: “Let’s see if the EARLabs guy can help me out”.

How do we do things
The first thing to do is contact me, using [ this ] form. Explain what you would like me to do. Listen and give some advise, do an alternative mix or master or remaster an almost finished product.

Most of the things can be done via the Internet. I have a fast DSL connection and am most of the time online. Exchange of big files or sets of files (up to 2GB) is no problem. If you want to send stuff on cd that’s okay, of course.

Most times I am able to respond within a day. Remixing/mastering a song usually takes me a couple of days. An album or a series of compositions can take up to a week. If you want the end result fast, then I will have to reschedule other things and will have to ask for a fee. If there is no hurry there’s a fair chance that I will not charge you anything. This is not my job (yet), so I’m not financially dependent on doing these things.

The end product can be a finished mastering disc (compliant with Red Book) or a digital set of files. If you want the complete mix I can send you the whole set of rendered tracks, so that you can continue work in a different studio.

Most times I work discretely, that is: the artist does not want to make it public that he/she had assistance from anyone else. That is no problem. But, let’s not get ahead of things: if you’re interested in trying something: [ contact me ] and we”ll work something out.